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The Best 14 Tips to Finally Stop Smoking

Yes, smoking is unhealthy and in the worst case fatal. Yes, smoking is expensive and consumes a lot of money in the course of a smoker’s life. Yes, every unsmoked cigarette benefits your health and that of your fellow human beings. And yet: quitting smoking is anything but easy. Especially the perseverance over a longer period of time often becomes a problem. 

Have you already had some unsuccessful attempts? Or do you want to do it right the first time? With the following tips and tricks, you can significantly increase your chances of success in quitting smoking – and make your way from smoker to permanent non-smoker.

Best Tips to Quit Smoking

Tip 1: Find a Fixed Date to Quit

Soon, at the latest next year, when the stressful days on the job are over … With such approximate times you can hardly mobilize your willpower and will only make the final jump in the rarest cases. If you mark a fixed date in the calendar instead, you can prepare yourself mentally for the big day and trick your inner pig on top of that. The written entry cannot be denied!

Tip 2: Clear Away Anything that Reminds You of Smoking

Whether ashtrays on the balcony or lighter in your pocket, all these utensils can stand in the way of your goal. Your first step towards a smoke-free life should therefore be to clean out all smoking-related items.

Tip 3: Make a List of the Most Important Advantages of Quitting Smoking

Immense health benefits for you and your future offspring during pregnancy, significantly more money in your wallet, never freezing on the cold terrace of a smokeless apartment – you will certainly think of many other reasons for your plans. If you keep it in writing, you can look at it again and again in weak moments and motivate yourself to persevere.

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Tip 4: Meet with Non-Smokers

In the company of convinced chain smokers, holding out is particularly difficult. As a non-smoker among like-minded people you will feel more comfortable at the beginning. Meeting non-smoker friends is therefore one of the hottest tips for the first few days.

Tip 5: Distract Yourself as Best You Can

What should I do if I have an acute craving for a cigarette? It’s best to ask yourself this before day X. You will benefit from a central finding of current research. According to this, the acute craving for a cigarette lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. 

Think in advance how you can distract yourself in an emergency over this period of time. How about chewing chewing gum, an apple to replenish your vitamin balance or a dance to your favourite song? Surely you can think of even more possibilities.

Tip 6: Start a New Hobby

Many former smokers are overwhelmed by the desire to smoke a cigarette, especially in their free time, when there’s no need to distract from the break. You can simply cheat on this phenomenon. Use the free time for a new hobby that you always wanted to test! No matter if sports activities, membership in a club or gardening, now is the ideal time to go new ways.


Tip 7: Avoid Situations that are Related to Smoking for You

After coffee in the morning, a cigarette, a glass of wine and then a smoking break – such habits can quickly reduce your motivation to a minimum. The tips for the first few days therefore include the search for possible alternatives. How about a cup of tea for breakfast? Or a walk in the lunch break? Try out what is good for you.

Tip 8: Stop Together with Like-Minded People

Do you have someone in your environment who wants to leave smoking behind just like you? Then you should definitely put the tips and tricks into practice together with him or her. 

Together is always better than alone! If you do not know a person with your request, you can look for like-minded people in a forum. Also the written exchange inspires the motivation!

Tip 9: Bet on Healthy Nutrition and Sport

Who stops smoking, increases – this connection is actually not to be rejected completely from the hand. But you don’t have to bow to this fate. As your body burns less energy due to the lack of nicotine, you actually have to save a little calories. 

However, it’s much easier for you to switch to sports. Instead of grabbing the candy bar, you simply take a lap through the park and are rewarded with an extra portion of happiness hormones. These are generated automatically during physical activity.

Tip 10: Prepare for Withdrawal Symptoms

No question, the physical craving for a cigarette is extremely stressful. Instead of lifting yourself against it, however, you should try to see the whole thing in a positive light. After all, your body basically only shows you that it is recovering from the strains of the past. 

A reason for joy! Important to know: Already after 1 to 2 weeks the withdrawal symptoms usually decrease clearly. This period is to be created!



Tip 11: In an Emergency, Fall Back on Nicotine Replacement Products

Smoking has a strong psychological component – but you should not underestimate physical withdrawal. In order to prevent withdrawal symptoms caused by the sinking nicotine level in the body, you can use a variety of products such as nicotine patches, chewing gum or sprays.

Tip 12: Don't Make an Exception.

If the boss in the office causes stress, there are disputes in the family or other negative situations arise, the temptation is often particularly large. 

But beware: one exception quickly turns into two and your non-smoking existence is already a thing of the past. Even if it is difficult: Hold on!

Tip 13: Reward Yourself for Your Success

Among the tips on how to stop smoking you should give this advice top priority. Even small everyday things, with which you reward yourself for your strong will, strengthen your motivation tremendously and help you to persevere. Here are some proven ideas:

Tip 14: Believe in Your Success

The most important condition for your permanent smoking cessation is as simple as it is crucial: You must really want the whole thing and believe in your success. Take a positive approach to quitting smoking, don’t let setbacks discourage you – then nothing stands in the way of your smoke-free life.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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