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Nicotine Patches Help to Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you have the choice to use different help methods. If you are also looking for support so that you can quit smoking permanently, there are many options open to you. Maybe you’ve heard of a nicotine patch before? Before you make a suggestion, you should read through detailed background information.

What is a Nicotine Patch?

The nicotine patch is a special patch that consists partly of nicotine. The active ingredient can be transferred directly through the skin. Especially if you have been a heavy smoker, this method can be recommended for you.

A nicotine patch has the unique effect that the body is supplied with nicotine, but there is no potential for addiction.

Nicotine patches are available in different dosages. You can legally buy such a patch, it is over-the-counter. You can even get this patch at the supermarket, where the patches don’t cost so much.

The nicotine patch is easy to apply to the skin. The skin cells absorb the nicotine on skin contact. Then the nicotine gets into the bloodstream. Nicotine patches are generally regarded as nicotine replacement products. These products should help smokers to stop smoking.

You may be wondering why nicotine should help you quit smoking. The ingredient is also contained in the cigarettes. Cigarettes also contain many other additives. In combination, cigarettes are very harmful to your health.

Health problems are not always caused by nicotine alone.

So not only nicotine is responsible for addiction.

The nicotine patch gives you the opportunity to take a substitute. Otherwise you will not add any harmful additives to your body. A craving for nicotine is thereby reduced. Thus you do not reach also so fast for the cigarette any longer. If you want to fight your search, you can try it with this health better way.

through nicotine patches to a better life

Your Chances of Success with a Nicotine Patch

Through the nicotine patch, your body permanently receives the substance nicotine 24 hours. This results in a reduced desire. Years of behaviour patterns can be prevented. I.e. that you do not want to reach any more always for the cigarette. A habituation is therefore possible.

The chances of success are up to 300% if nicotine substitutes such as nicotine patches are used. Basically, however, other factors play a role, such as for example:

A nicotine patch is therefore an effective support for you.

Where to Stick? - How to Use a Nicotine Patch

The nicotine patch you stick directly in the morning on a spot of your skin that is dry and without hair. You should choose between the neck and the waist. The chest or the upper arm are especially popular places for this.

If you are using a new nicotine patch, you should choose another new spot. Otherwise you may experience skin irritation.

After the maximum period of use you should completely remove the patch. It usually lasts between 16 and 24 hours until the nicotine enters the bloodstream, it lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

Duration and Dosage

For the optimal duration of use, the strength depends mainly on your consumption and the intensity of your cigarette addiction. It is best to consult your doctor.

There are different opinions regarding the dosage. Most of the time, the information refers to the 24-hour patch.

As already mentioned, the dosage varies with the intensity of the nicotine addiction. If he smokes more than ten cigarettes a day, you should choose a nicotine patch with a dosage of about 52.5 mg. Use this patch for two weeks. In the second phase, use a 35 mg nicotine patch. The third phase ends with a 14 mg patch.

You can scale these values if, for example, you have smoked less than ten cigarettes a day. These are only guidelines for the average smoker for the corresponding category. The optimal amount of nicotine is always individual. Therefore you should talk to a doctor or a specialist.

Side effects of the patch

What are the Side Effects of Nicotine Patches?

Basically it is harmless if you use a nicotine patch. Therefore, these patches are not prescription-only. Nevertheless, unwanted small side effects can occur.

Sometimes skin irritations can occur in the area of the cluster. These usually appear after 24 hours of use. Therefore, you should apply the patch daily to different areas of the skin.

If you suffer from chronic skin diseases such as herpes or neurodermatitis, you should be careful. The same applies to dizziness or an increased heartbeat.

Its use is always safe for a young person. However, problems can arise in old age, such as for example:

The Following Side Effects May Also Occur with Patches Used 24 Hours a Day:

Can You Wear a Nicotine Patch and Smoke Cigarettes at the Same Time?

You should not smoke and wear a nicotine patch at the same time. Otherwise, your body will receive an above-average amount of nicotine. Smoking exposes you to additional harmful substances.

In the worst case you will suffer from nicotine poisoning. As soon as you start quitting smoking, you are not allowed to smoke any more.

The nicotine patch is available over the counter in pharmacies

Where Can You Buy a Nicotine Patch?

In principle, nicotine patches do not require a prescription and can be purchased legally. That’s why there are so many suppliers for this product. The demand for nicotine replacement products is huge. You can buy the patches in all pharmacies in different quantities or dosages. The pharmacy price, however, is not quite cheap. You may also be able to take a look around a drugstore. Some providers even offer test packs free of charge.

If you want to make a bargain, you can order your nicotine patches on the Internet. Ebay or Amazon are considered advantageous trading platforms. There you enjoy a huge assortment and often also a money back guarantee. So you can do your own test with the product.

There are Different Dosage Types:

If it is a nicotine patch with, for example, a high dose, this product is particularly suitable for chain smokers, the craving is noticeably reduced. Such high doses are not recommended for the average smoker. You can read more about which category is best for you on the package insert.


You can get the right nicotine patch yourself, the purchase criteria are:

You know best how many cigarettes you have smoked every day before weaning. This amount determines which product you should choose. When it comes to visibility, there are versions that are transparent. In summer you should rather choose such products if you wear light clothing.

A nicotine chewing gum or a nicotine spray and similar products are alternatives to plasters. Nevertheless, nothing has proven as good as a nicotine patch. This also applies, for example, to a so-called nicotine inhaler. Perhaps you have already tried to use an electric cigarette for weaning. Here the chances of success are not quite so high to get away from the cigarette. By using the patch, you will avoid the typical habit of lighting a cigarette and holding it in your hand. That’s why a nicotine patch is a good solution if you want to get away from smoking. The best way to make your choice is to take your cue from the many experiences of other like-minded people.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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