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Nicotine Gum Review – Does it Really Help?

One knows only too well how much the craving for nicotine sometimes takes over one as soon as one decides to quit smoking. Here, nicotine chewing gum is a relief for smokers who otherwise do not want to endure the symptoms. 

This is a good companion to encourage smokers to quit smoking, because the little helpers actually have a withdrawal-inhibiting effect, so you don’t have to inhale the cigarette’s many harmful substances. Especially for smokers who have already failed several times to stop smoking. 

According to smokers, nicotine chewing gums have a positive effect on smoking cessation and provide a good support on the way to a non-smoking life. Experience shows that the urge for cigarettes is reduced.

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Are There also Disadvantages?

It has been proven that some people quit smoking, but can eventually become addicted to nicotine gum. Because of this one point of criticism remains: nicotine is added to the body so that the body cannot detoxify itself from the nicotine, which in turn restricts the original smoking, but the addiction itself does not come to a complete standstill. 

Therefore, special caution is required here, or one should take care to omit the nicotine chewing gum at a given time in order to completely rid oneself of the nicotine addiction.

When do I Put the Chewing Gums Wown?

Due to the individual situation of each smoker, it is very difficult to give a general answer, despite different experience values of smokers. Ultimately, this is at one’s own discretion and should be decided on one’s own responsibility. 

Therefore, one should try to assess oneself and consider to what extent one is already ready to completely free oneself from nicotine in order to free the organism completely from this nerve poison.


Experience has shown that nicotine chewing gums can be a very good support to relieve the initial withdrawal symptoms and they can help to stop smoking for a longer period of time. 

However, it is best not to prolong the use of nicotine chewing gum unnecessarily to prevent addiction shifting. Therefore, this can be recommended as an aid, as long as the consumption is careful, so that you do not run the risk of becoming dependent on the chewing gum in the long run.


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