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Hair Loss and Smoking – There is a Connection

Surely you have also seen people who look much older than they actually are: Thirty-year-olds who look like 50 because of their thinning hair, whose complexion is pale and whose teeth are so yellow that everyone notices – sounds unattractive, doesn’t it?

That this can be related to smoking is something only very few people think about. 

Many smokers present these horror stories only as absurd theses of science – but in fact there is a connection between physical decay and cigarette consumption. Especially hair loss is strongly promoted by regular smoking.

Hair Loss - How is it related to smoking?

Especially in men it is often observed that the hair fullness can be very different, although they are at the same height in terms of age. While some in their mid-thirties have full, flowing hair, others enjoy every sparse hair that they can still comb over the bald areas. 

rauchen und haarausfall

One thing is certain: the older men get, the more hair loss usually progresses. About 90% of this is due to pre-programmed genetics alone. Scientists now assume, however, that other factors can also be related to this – such as cigarette consumption.

What’s more, Italian scientists have now found, based on a study, that overweight smokers who consume more than half a pack of cigarettes a day have more hair loss than non-smokers of normal weight who are genetically predisposed. Researchers from the USA have also found that the probability of severe hair loss is much greater among smokers than among non-smokers.

How Smoking Can also be harmful to the scalp

If there is hereditary hair loss, the hair follicles are reduced anyway, so that they grow much more restricted. Of course, no flowing, dense hair can grow from this – because if the hair follicles shrink, hair loss is unavoidable.

The cause is a malfunction of various bioactive processes in the body. These cause damage to the genetic material – such as can be caused by the substances contained in cigarette smoke. 

Unfortunately, this is not enough, because the cigarette smoke also causes considerable damage to our blood vessels. This leads to a worse blood supply in the entire organism, which naturally also affects the scalp. 

This means in plain language: Regular smoking ensures that the cells of your scalp are supplied with oxygen less efficiently and hair loss is considerably promoted.

Hair Loss due to Smoking is Also a Health Risk

First and foremost, for most men and women hair loss is of course a cosmetic problem to which one has to get more or less used. However, the health risk is also a problem – hair loss caused by smoking also increases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

This is one of the reasons why you should think about whether you really need to reach for your cigarette. With this in mind, it is always advisable to have your doctor examine you at regular intervals in order to detect possible cancers at an early stage. In the long run, however, you should be aware that stopping smoking is the only reasonable solution. 

In addition, you should also make sure you eat a balanced, healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Scientists have been able to prove in various studies that an increased intake of vitamins and nutrients significantly reduces the risk of hair loss.

Smoking Can Also Have other Negative Consequences: The Biggest Risks

In 95% of all cases, regular cigarette consumption leads to long-term dependence on nicotine. This in turn drastically lowers blood transport in your body, resulting in reduced hair growth.

But there are other disadvantages: In many everyday situations, you will notice that smoking is very restrictive. For example, you may often feel uncomfortable if you do not have the opportunity to smoke regularly indoors or when travelling. 

You feel more unbalanced and stressed, which is extremely unhealthy. Of course, the infamous smoker’s leg can also be a serious health consequence of smoking, which would severely restrict your whole life.

In addition, you should not ignore the financial aspect: In the meantime, a pack of cigarettes costs between 6 and 11 euros – depending on the type. And in the future it is to be assumed that these prices will continue to rise. Remember: If you put the same amount in a piggy bank every day, you would have saved a good sum after just a few months. 

rauchen aufhören

It is better to invest the money in healthy nutrition that not only makes you fitter, but also ensures healthy, strong hair growth.

Make yourself clear: By smoking every single cigarette you are doing your health more and more harm. In addition, not only does your body suffer from nicotine consumption – people around you also often feel disturbed by the unpleasant smelling smoke.

If you are already heavily addicted to cigarettes and cannot survive a day without smoking, it is high time that you take a closer look at this topic. If you’d like to quit smoking, but simply can’t get by on your own, there’s also the option of therapeutic help.

Attention: Smoking Shortens life

One thing is clear for everyone: there is nothing more valuable than one’s own health. Not only does smoking cause unsightly hair loss, it also shortens your lifespan by up to 20 years (!). 

Let this drastic figure affect you once – because it is a considerable part of your life. In addition, the consumption of cigarettes is expensive – and you bear these costs all your life.


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