smoking with asthma

Smoking with asthma

What are the consequences of smoking for people with asthma?

Stop for a minute! You know people who smoke and have symptoms of asthma? Do you want to prevent the serious consequences from affecting you and your family? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will change your life, maybe even save it.

You’re wondering what effects smoking conventional cigarettes or e-cigarettes has on your health. The answer is simple:

Cigarette smoke can cause symptoms of asthma.

This article describes in detail the effects and consequences of smoke, passive smoke and the vapour of the electro cigarette (e-cigarette) on the health of asthma patients.

Beside the listing of the many negative effects we want to show also what one can do, in order not to have to suffer from long-term effects.

After all, only one thing counts: your health.

Read this article to the end, not to miss any essential information. They can – and will – change your life.

smokers with asthma

And what does the statistics say?

Statistics show that in the USA 21 percent of people who suffer from asthma also smoke. Smoking is a common habit in our societies.

There’s no shame in making mistakes – what’s stupid is repeating them over and over again.

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How are respiratory problems and smoking related?

Briefly summarized:

Smoking can worsen the symptoms of asthma and breathing difficulties.

Smoking is harmful to all, but especially to people with asthma. Both smoking and passive smoking can cause severe asthma symptoms.

asthma as one smoking effect

How does the smoke in our body cause breathing difficulties?

Tobacco smoke is an irritant. It contains over 7,000 chemicals, at least 70 of which are cancer-causing.

Recently there has also been a rumor about untreated cigarettes having less harmful ingredients. This, too, is a misconception.

Smoke worsens asthma mainly for the following reasons:

  • Smoke particles cause the airways to swell. At the same time, they are constricted and reduce the oxygen supply.
  • When smoke reaches the lungs, it causes slime to form. This is a natural defensive reaction of the body.
  • Smoke can damage the cilia, which are tiny hairs in the throat that normally eliminate mucus.
  • When an asthma patient inhales smoke or passive smoke, he or she may often experience some respiratory or asthma symptoms. This often results in swollen, narrow airways filled with mucus.

This can lead to an asthma attack and cause other unpleasant symptoms:

  • cough
  • gasping
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • pain in the oral cavity and teeth

Why is also passive smoke responsible for the shortness of breath of many asthmatics?

Passive smoke consists of 2 components:

  • smoke exhaled by another active smoker
  • not inhaled smoke from a glowing cigarette or cigar

Both the breath of the active smoker and the remains of the glowing cigarette stalk are harmful to health.

If you are in a smoky room for a long time, passive smoke can be even more harmful than actively smoking a cigarette.

By passive smoking the affected person inhales the harmful substances more deeply and thus damages his health more.

stop smoking with an e-cigarette

E-Cigarettes and Asthma – What are the Risks?

Many people take the first step towards quitting smoking by switching to an e-cigarette. The first step is to eliminate addiction to nicotine and then the annoying habit of inhaling smoke.

The discussion about how harmful electric cigarettes are is currently in full swing.

The reason for the disagreement and the many discussions are the lack of long-term studies of an impact on people’s health.

We simply don’t know how harmful electric cigarettes really are. However, one thing is certain:

Electric cigarettes – especially for asthmatics – are not healthy!

The link between e-cigarette smoke and asthma is also currently being closely investigated. Initial studies suggest that steam can be less toxic than tobacco smoke.

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What are the ingredients of e-cigarettes?

It is well known that electric cigarettes are filled with a special liquid. These contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, among others. How toxic these are cannot yet be estimated from today’s point of view. What is certain is that e-cigarette vapor also irritates a person’s respiratory tract.

A study from 2017 shows that propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine can cause respiratory diseases that are not normally observed in people who smoke regular cigarettes.

Another study suggests that high school students who used e-cigarettes had a higher risk of asthma.


So you better keep your hands off the e-cigarettes! Especially as an asthmatic…


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