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Quit Smoking with an E-Cigarrette: Review and Advice

Electricity instead of fire, liquid instead of tobacco: e-cigarettes are on everyone’s lips in the truest sense of the word. But what makes them so attractive? If you want to quit smoking and you’re not sure what’s right for you, read this article.

E-Cigarettes are Less Polluting

As no combustion reaction takes place, up to 95 % fewer pollutants can be detected in the steam. This does not yet make consumption healthy, but comparatively harmless. Many steamers report improved lung function, more stamina and increased general well-being.

Bye, Disgusting Smoke Smell!

Smoking comfortably on the couch? Better not. The smell of cold smoke is still present years later. With the e-cigarette you can avoid this problem elegantly – and at the same time ensure a pleasant smell!

No Withdrawal Symptoms!

Many people who want to quit smoking are afraid of withdrawal symptoms. With the e-cigarette you first wean your body of all other harmful substances. Then reduce the nicotine gradually until you have reached 0 mg. In this way you prevent the dreaded cold withdrawal.

Stopping smoking is also easier: choose your nicotine strength!

Even if the amount of nicotine in the liquid sounds high, it is not directly comparable to a normal cigarette. Especially if you want to quit smoking, a high strength at the beginning is useful to reduce the desire for a real cigarette. If you pay close attention to your body, you will quickly find your optimal nicotine level.

You Keep Your Usual Rituals

The big advantage over the nicotine patch! Whether the morning cigarette for coffee or after work for beer: with the e-cigarette you don’t have to do without it. In addition, the sense of taste and smell regenerates after a few weeks. So you can enjoy your rituals even more!

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Countless flavours

Fruit salad or cookies? Doner kebab or tobacco? With the Liquids you are spoilt for choice. Finding the right liquid is a real challenge. But: Every palate is served. Just try it until you find your favorite.

Cheaper Running Costs

Steaming saves money. Although the initial cost of an e-cigarette is a little higher, it is still worth quitting smoking and switching. The bottom line is that liquid and consumables are much cheaper than a daily pack of cigarettes.

No more Yellow Fingers and Teeth

Despite nicotine, these annoying side effects do not occur when consuming the e-cigarette. After some time already existing discolorations go back. The gums become stronger and the breath better.

The Relapse Rate is Lower

The e-cigarette is a fully-fledged replacement. Unlike the nicotine patch, you continue to take your dose in the usual way. But without the harmful additives. And if you still feel like having a cigarette, simply choose a liquid with a higher strength.

Stop Smoking - Fewer Restrictions

Increasing prohibitions make life difficult for smokers. Even if the e-cigarette is equated with the normal cigarette, many people hardly feel bothered by it. Nevertheless, you should always stick to smoking bans and ask in case of doubt.

Stopping Smoking with the E-cigarette: Conclusion

In summary, the e-cigarette is a real alternative to classic smoking. Fewer pollutants, better taste and no stench promote the motivation for the change. If you want to stop smoking, you should give the e-cigarette a chance.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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